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Probate & Deceased Estates

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If you are named as an Executor in a Will you are entitled to apply to the Supreme Court  of New South Wales for a Grant of Probate.  That means that you step into the shoes of the deceased in relation to being able to deal with the assets of the deceased’s estate provided that you do that in accordance with the deceased’s Will and the law.


If the deceased has not left a Will and you are the next of kin you are entitled to apply for a Grant of Administration which gives you the same entitlements and obligations as that of an executor named in the Will.


We are able to assist you in every step of the way from the date you come to see us until the date of final distribution of the assets of the deceased’s estate. Most importantly we will ensure that the estate is administered and distributed in accordance with your legal obligations.






For a probate solicitor in Blacktown contact Tel (02) 9621 7755


For a probate solicitor in Baulkham Hills Tel (02) 9686 2222