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Family Lawyers Helping People In Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, And Beyond


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We have been providing family law services since 1970 and we are able to take on any case, with offices based in Blacktown and Baulkham Hills. Our customers come to our family lawyers from Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Castle Hill, Mount Druitt and beyond, because of our experience and dedication. 



Why choose us to represent you?

At Matthews Dooley & Gibson, we recognise that each family law case is individual, personal and confidential. We also understand that, for many reasons, most people in need of family law advice need to receive that advice urgently.


Your first appointment of up to half an hour will be free of charge and obligation free.  We guarantee that your first appointment will be within two days of your initial contact if that suits you. If that does not occur, please telephone the firm’s managing director, Mark Ford.


At your initial free appointment, we will discuss with you any issues that you wish to raise, give preliminary advice and discuss costs arrangements with you if you wish us to represent you.


Why choose our family lawyers to represent you?

Our team is large enough to ensure that you receive prompt advice and urgent action when necessary.

We encourage early settlement of matters to minimise legal costs and delays in finalising your matter.


On the other hand, we recognise that all cases are individual, and some matters will need a strong hand used against the other party.  When so instructed, we will conduct matters accordingly.


We will be up front about costs from the very first appointment and we will inform you in writing of your current costs and anticipated future costs at various stages of the proceedings.


Whichever way you wish to have your case conducted, we will work with you to achieve a good result.


From your first appointment a dedicated solicitor and personal assistant will be appointed to conduct your case.


We not only provide family law assistance, but also help with a range of other legal issues, such as will issues, from contesting wills to planning an estate, criminal law, employment law, and more.


When should you come to see us?


The best time, if possible, is before you separate if you are contemplating a separation or believe that your spouse is contemplating a separation.  This is the best time because, depending upon your circumstances and your case, we can assist you with the following:

  • Advice as to your rights and entitlements to ease your worries.
  • If it seems that separation is unavoidable, advice as to things that you should do in the best interests of your children (if applicable) and yourself before you separate.
  • Counselling options.
  • If you have not been able to see us before separation you should come to see us immediately after separation.

For a family law solicitor in Blacktown contact Tel (02) 9621 7755

For a family law solicitor in Baulkham Hills Tel (02) 9686 2222