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Companies, Trusts & Partnerships

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Most businesses and investments are run through companies, trusts or partnerships.  What is the best structure for you depends upon a number of factors.  Our experienced team of commercial lawyers can assist you in choosing the most appropriate structure for your circumstances. 


Our services include:- 



  • Set up
  • Acquiring a shelf company
  • Complying with ASIC requirements when changing directors or shareholders
  • Changing names
  • Arranging and holding company meetings
  • Shareholder agreements




  • Unit trusts
  • Family (discretionary) trusts
  • Declarations of trust
  • Unit holders agreements
  • Variations of trust deeds
  • Removal/appointment of trustees



  • Partnership agreements
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Registration of business names
  • Key man insurance agreements
  • Business succession agreements
  • Joint venture agreements


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An unfortunate fact of business life is that disputes often arise between shareholders of a company, partners and unit holders in a trust, as the case may be.  We are able to assist in attempting to resolve disputes through alternate dispute resolution or, if necessary, through court proceedings. 


Some of the issues that we can assist with are as follows:- 

  • All litigation
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Buy outs
  • Company winding up
  • Company receivership
  • Trust winding up
  • Trust receivership